You are a Trumpist. Your conclusions are therefore biased. You ignore Trump's massive corruption. And he has dismantled our democracy--almost--with his racism, misogyny, and incredible ignorance of history. But a lot of people agree with you, which has been the greatest revelation-that so many Americans resist the truth and share Trump's outlook toward minorities and women and his outright willingness to ignore ethical action. I for one will be glad when I do not have to listen anymore to the constant barrage of incredible belligerence this strange businessman, this orange-faced demagogue, so regularly delivers. There have been some Republican presidents who behaved wih infinitely greater civility than this man. He has neither awe of his office nor respect for it. I would have voted for a Sesame Street puppet over him. Even Nixon is looking good in comparison.

Regina Clarke, PhD

Written by

Storyteller and dreamer. I write about the English language, being human, the magic of life, and metaphysics.

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