Would You Like to Enter One of Your Past Lives?

It can be done — here are some steps to guide you there

Regina Clarke


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The soul is unchanging. But within the soul we live many lives in unique forms, earth-bound, yes, but we also exist across galaxies. The Universe contains billions of planets and life forms, far beyond what we can perceive with our five senses or our 3D instruments. It reveals itself in an uncountable number of entities.

Far beyond the confines of “time” as we know it. And we can access those forms.

Is this a guess or wishful thinking? No, it is a fact. Logic alone tells us amongst billions upon billions of planets we cannot be the only ones with life. It would be the height of hubris to believe this. Yet, of course, many if not most scientists do hold such a belief. Just as science and the church once believed the earth was the center of the Universe and almost put people like Copernicus to death for suggesting the sun was the center and it was orbited by the earth. The very idea caused panic in people. This idea challenged both scientific and religious beliefs.

But we know a belief is only a construct, something we create to soothe our mind or heart or both. It is not something we can hold as an absolute. Belief is a way we have of seeing the world through our own eyes and desires. Beliefs are very personal. And they can change.

So where does the subject of past lives come into all of this? Is there really evidence of reincarnation? Is there proof we have gone beyond time? Is there proof we have emerged out of alien civilizations or even more, reincarnated in alien places, on distant planets, in worlds even now yet to be discovered? I would say yes to all of this.

Is there proof we have not?

Having an Earth-Bound Journey into Your Past Life

Numerous ancient cultures and societies on Earth see the idea of reincarnation as valid, indeed, as inevitable. Reasons are multifold, but the shared common agreement is that we live many lives to gradually increase our soul awareness and spiritual growth.

For some this could mean returning to physical form to gain greater wisdom because a previous life has revealed the need for



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