Why You Should Always Pack Your Own Stuff for a Move

Packing boxes yourself is the only way to protect your possessions.
Packing boxes yourself is the only way to protect your possessions.

But doing it yourself is a sure thing. You are only going to be happy with the outcome if you do the packing yourself.

Here is a breakdown of the why and wherefore in each case.

Having the Movers Pack for You

This sounds like the perfect choice. On three occasions it was the choice I made. Easy, no labor on your part, everything handled for you.

  • An antique two-foot by one-foot painting done on porcelain — an atmospheric Victorian mansion at dusk in the snow — was stuffed without any covering into the back of the laundry basket. I have no idea how it survived.
  • A glass and crystal lamp was packed in one sheet of paper and the glass lampshade was set at the bottom of the box straight onto the cardboard — no buffer. Nor was it marked fragile. (NOTHING was marked fragile.)
  • My computer printer was also packed without covering, set into the box as is, a box larger than the printer, ensuring it was not anchored in any way and would slide back and forth.
  • As a writer I have boxes of papers with stories done and story ideas and drafts in process and printouts. I had arranged these to be packed in some sequence. I also had a lot of small knickknacks I valued in my writing room, including some Celtic and shaman figures, and a lot of geodes, plus various treasured objects. It’s not uncommon for writers to keep things around like this — they seem to serve as inspiration, and sometimes, maybe as talismans. ALL these things were literally thrown hit or miss into boxes, and none of the objects were put in even minimal bubble wrap or paper, though a number of them were glass and crystal.
  • My shoes and clothing were packed as if they were headed for the thrift store, no hangers, no smaller boxes or wrapping for the shoes.
  • Bedding and towels fared well — after all, what could happen to them? It was a different story for tables and chairs and the sofa and lounge chair — nothing covered them so they arrived with smudges or scrapes that were not on the furniture before.

Doing It Yourself

Without question, packing what you value is better done BY YOU than anyone else. This isn’t just so you can control the outcome more effectively, it is because these objects you pack make up some of your emotional life and deserve respect. You are likely the only person who will offer that when you pack.


I hope some of this helps you if you are contemplating a move, and if you have enough time to plan it out! I have a lot of suggestions for how to plan the packing — maybe I will add those in another article.

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Storyteller and dreamer. I write about the English language, being human, the magic of life, and metaphysics. www.regina-clarke.com

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