Well, that was the most depressing article I’ve read on Medium lately. I do not feel your pessimism, however, and would counter that people — all of us — are invested in a greater world view than you see. Yes, we have chaos. Yes, we have a peculiar nationalistic outlook appearing in this country and abroad. But I see that as the last gasp of an old system of politics and economics and entitlement that is desperately trying to save itself, when in truth, it is time for it to end. What is emerging is something far more inclusive and generous in spirit and action. I see this happening everywhere. If I don’t believe the news I read (neither did Mark Twain), that isn’t doomsday to me. It’s just something to be aware of, a place for me to use discernment. I have old copies of Harper’s Weekly from the 1850s — the news reports on our western expansion are sometimes glorious, and sometimes filled with a vitriol and prejudice that defy reason. But they don’t sound all that different from what I read now. Humankind is still struggling with the idea we are all connected, but we are moving closer to that awareness whether we realize it or not.

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