Trump: The Hollow Man Who Wishes He Were King

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His supporters accept the lies he tells.

If people did not believe Trump’s comments — if they asked about the validity of what he said — then his bombast would sink to the bottom in the political pond. BUT his supporters have either accepted or ignored his racist comments. They have accepted or ignored his attacks on immigrants who are not white. (By contrast, witness his egregious comment asking why didn’t [white]people in Norway want to emigrate to the U.S., instead of all these Muslims and Mexicans, a remark that Norway treated as ludicrous, at best.) His supporters have laughed with him EVERY TIME he has derided women. They have shouted right along with him any expletives that put down other human beings.

What makes the man tick? Besides his bullying and inclination to favor tyrants?

Trump is a small-minded man. It appears to be a character trait and not something that can be changed. He admits to not reading much of anything because it bores him, including staff reports and news of world events. He scorns intellectual and artistic fields. His antipathy to environmental causes is universally acknowledged. His refusal to support gun control is well-documented. His antipathy to anything he isn’t interested in is uppermost. But this may not be avoidable. He is out of his depth in these areas. His only way to pretend otherwise is to attack and keep his real motivation —his utter incomprehension of history, music, art, books, science, current events, and more — a secret.

How did a man so ignorant of history and bereft of ethics and compassion get elected, and what does this tell us about America?

There is a short answer to this. In truth, only 29% of the population voted for him. His Democratic opponent actually won the popular vote by over a million votes. BUT, almost half the voting population stayed home — 46% — and so did not exercise their freedom to vote. Donald Trump’s current position as the American president owes as much if not more to the ones who were silent — silent by neglecting to vote.

What does he really mean, make America great again?

This one is easy. It accounts for most of his support and the enthusiasm of his supporters. Archaic as it sounds, he is professing a return to the old woodsman period of American life, allegedly a simpler time when people worked the land or hunted in the forests. All of them were white. When talking with his supporters, Trump harks back to the strong white men he believes made American great. He forgets — or, given his lack of reading and history — is unaware of the immigrants who built the railways and created settlements. He by inference accepts the enslavement of Africans by whites as part of the Great America he envisions.

What Is His Legacy Going To Be?

It is going to be a hollow legacy. It is already. Trump has created a vision of himself, and little else, apart from a false vision of an America that never was. His actions belie his office, and reveal an utter lack of substance. He has failed to support and commit to even one action that has improved the welfare of our country, much less the welfare of the world. Trump has opposed with every angry, resentful, mocking, slanderous, and negative tweet (and tweeting is such an absurd and simple-minded way for the president of the United States to communicate) the very idealism with which our country was founded, a country George Washington envisioned as a new earth, free of the shackles of tyranny.

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