The Vibration of Abundance

It is more than money

Regina Clarke


Vibration of the Universe
Gerd Altmann

Everything in the Universe is always in constant motion, vibrating at its own specific frequency. A field of energy surrounds every person and location and object and idea and action. This field draws toward it whatever holds the energy of the same vibrating frequency. This shapes our resonance with everything we encounter, all the time.

Our consciousness is vibration. Dreams are vibration.

Infinity is vibration.

Our brain waves of delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma are vibrations in increasing frequencies that exist according to our state — and level — of perception.

Every thought and feeling you have is a vibration.

All of us learn how to “read” energy in others because we recognize their vibration. This happens whether we are aware of it or not. We sense when we encounter with some people a feeling of dissonance and know we would rather keep our distance, and it is usually wise inner guidance. We sense upon meeting other people a feeling of happiness, and lightheartedness, and again our inner guidance directs us, in this case to embrace knowing those people gladly.

Nothing is fixed, everything is always in motion, always transforming, and so then are we all. Each of us has a unique frequency vibrating in the Universe that is unlike any other. How you live in that vibration defines the quality of your life.

What does that mean? It means you determine the quality of your life with every single thought you have, feeling you have, action you take, and whether you let those thoughts, feelings, and actions consciously enhance your work and life with love and creativity, or let yourself trample on them, however unconsciously.

The most evident authentic measure of whether we are consciously aware of the inherent power of vibration or choose unconsciously to ignore it is shown by and in our approach to money:

How do we use it? How much of it do we have? What is the primary feeling money engenders in us? How much do we want? Does it bring up negative feelings? Positive feelings?

When asked what they wanted to improve their lives, over 90% of the people interviewed in large studies said “more…



Regina Clarke

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