Why Does Mitch McConnell Need to Bully America? To Hide His Greatest Fear

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Gage Skidmore

But what is a bully on the inside?

Being a bully is also the outward stance of a deeply insecure human being, someone whose only way to feel better about himself is to get the other guy before they get him — to hide and mask their fearfulness and insecurities. Anyone who brandishes a gun to make point does not feel adequate on their own — they need the feeling they are powerful that the gun makes them think they have.

including, and most harmfully, dividing America at any cost.

Trump delivers harm when he acts out his anger almost all the time and largely out of ignorance, without thought, without the slightest empathy or regard for consequences. His whim is his guide and his tweets show us how fragile he really is with their meandering explosions. McConnell, on the other hand, reminds me of a modern day Machiavelli, a primal bully whose praise of immoral leadership like that of the Borgia family is well known. When he wrote the political treatise The Prince in the 1500s, Machiavelli declared that any deceit and connivance and punishment that harms the citizens of a country was sometimes required to secure and sustain power. This is a behavior that is embraced and taken as gospel by Mitch McConnell.

“a ruler who is establishing a kingdom or a republic, and is criticized for his deeds, including violence, should be excused when the intention and the result is beneficial.”

What Machiavelli saw as beneficial was anything beneficial for the ruler, not the people. When McConnell blocked President Obama’s ability to appoint someone to the Supreme Court, it was a perfect Machiavellian move to ensure his own long-term agenda to have the opening on the bench filled by a Republican. He has been primarily responsible for the increasingly damaging and un-democratic move to make the Supreme Court totally partisan. A far cry from the way we were:

They are filled not with hot air, but with a sad unconscious and terrifying fear they might be found out as wanting and no one would notice them.

Well, we could help the bully with that, actually, with their getting noticed. Just two hundred thousand letters (even 50,000) objecting to the bully behavior would do it. Congress would have to notice such a thing, even though they don’t want to. Everyone would notice such a thing. The bully would not be able to hide. They would have to face the very music they fear.

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