Thanks for your views, Mike. I take exception to your statement that I think I am a majority viewpoint, however… :-) I would find it far more likely my voice is in the minority. We are a largely Republican country now, more red states than blue, and the entire government is Republican — Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. I do not expect much agreement with what I believe.

When I say I am a Christian, I don’t say it proudly, but humbly. The power of the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ is what informs my prayers every day — maybe every moment, as a guiding force. I remember back in 1998, when the Internet was a fledgling entity, and my site would go down as often as up — and I was trying to get to some website and grappling with some life issues and suddenly, I have no idea how, a website opened that had nothing in it but these words in huge type: “What would Jesus do?” It took me right out of my self-indulgent mood and into the reality of being alive and being here for a purpose, part of which is to act with kindness and to be true to the Sermon on the Mount. I bless the anonymous person who created that site, somewhere in the South, I think. I’ve never forgotten that moment.

I remember a time when being a member of a party did not mean we all held the same view, when there was crossover and dialogue. It was Nixon who established the EPA. Both parties supported the National Parks system, seeing it as a legacy for our children and seeing protection of the Earth as our job while we are here. Now, we are seeing others as if their party affiliation defines them. I am a Democrat and I do not believe in abortion. The difference is, I do not believe men should decide what women should do with their own bodies. I have not yet met a man who agrees with me. Being a Democrat does not define me — though my point of view about sharing wealth does. That is the main difference between the parties — the legislative belief nothing should be shared, or that everything should be, so that no one feels want and deprivation. I’m a bit Dickensian that way. And it is also the way of Our Lord.

I continue to be flummoxed why people support a man who, apart from his politics, is always so mad at everyone in his tweets and pays so little attention to world problems, and it must be said, is not all that bright, not to mention enjoys spending time with dictators ?!). I think it was Hoover (or Coolidge?), though, who said it doesn’t matter a hoot what he does as president so long as the economy thrives. That’s what people care about a whole lot more than each other.

In many ways, in my article, that was what I was writing about. That we are sacrificing the welfare of each other for premises that do not define us, but that we have come to believe might.

I hope that this, too, will pass and we go forward with greater intent to help, not harm.

Storyteller and dreamer. I write about the English language, being human, the magic of life, and metaphysics.

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