Soul Retrieval — Discovering Who You Really Are

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Tomislav Jakupec

“We are made of star stuff…” Carl Sagan

So we are. Every atom in our bodies is composed of the same elements that fuel the bodies of light we see in the heavens. Sagan revealed this to a television audience in his groundbreaking series COSMOS, which he called A Personal Voyage.

Just What Are These Parts We Have Lost?

Soul loss is derived from traumas we have experienced. They can have so many sources . Most occur in childhood and can involve abuse, being ignored or abandoned, seeing a parent die, violence from war, illness, having someone mock you, being treated unjustly, not being given the freedom to speak your own truth or express anger, constant criticism — the list is varied and never the same for everyone. We can add situations of PTSD to this list, for some experiences like combat cause us to lose connection with many parts of ourselves all at once.

And When We Choose Soul Retrieval, Instead…

This means we are willing to look deeply into our fears and feel compassion for them, and understand their presence was originally as protectors, once upon a time or for a long time essential to our welfare and our ability to cope with trauma. Now, using soul retrieval we can see those same fears as direct signposts of what we need to do to bring ourselves into alignment with spirit. For sure, we may need the skill of a shaman to help us do this fully. But if we are willing to allow clear sight, we can do some of this work ourselves, by welcoming in all that we are, all the parts, without judgment.

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Storyteller and dreamer. I write about the English language, being human, the magic of life, and metaphysics.

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