How News Media Revel in the 24/7 Business of Feeding Us Conflict

Their stories can damage your heart and soul — you must activate discernment

Regina Clarke
5 min readMar 24



I view the news for five minutes a day. The only stories I open to read for longer are positive ones. These are stories that uplift my thoughts and outlook.

That doesn’t mean I have a vested interest in some Pollyanna fount of information. It means I welcome reading about the success of UNICEF in improving the welfare of children made victims in a war zone not of their making. I also welcome stories of people who have come out of a personal darkness they describe and found a way not only to survive but to thrive. I find in the stories people give of how the history of their people’s heritage has given them feelings of deep grief but who do not stop there, for they know they have chosen now to reverse a terrible legacy.

I embrace the stories of so many who live and work in the Christ Consciousness for the betterment of the earth and all her creatures, however that manifests. The Christ Consciousness has a meaning beyond a specific individual or faith — it is an awareness of the higher self as part of the Universe, a state of consciousness arising out of self-realization and unity with Divine Presence. It is a state wherein all people and creatures are One, and deserving of love.

I am brought to my knees by the courage of people who choose to act with love no matter what.

NONE OF THIS matters to the news media in general. Only stories of hate, destruction, warring, violence, anger, threats, oppression, and the suffocation of the rights of all God’s creatures are fodder for the news media. In this, the news media is very much aligned with the misinformation too many of our politicians offer us like a digestive biscuit.

Some journalists have striven to bring truth to us, and the ones who have succeeded do so by interviewing the people whose lives are at risk in some way, not by interviewing the movers and shakers of greed and violence. These journalists offer integrity and hope. One I especially admire is Anderson Cooper. Another is Christiane Amanpour. Historically, Edward R. Murrow and Martha Gellhorn set the standard. Bill Moyers is the all-time star in the



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