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  • Heightened awareness and the feeling one is in an alternate landscape
  • Encounters with deceased loved ones, with spirit guides, and with angels, as well as with sacred figures like Jesus
  • Having a life review in which they learn their impact on others
  • Receiving knowledge about the universe and the purpose of life

Narratives of Near-Death Experiences

One of the most powerful narratives was experienced during WW2 by Dr. George Ritchie, described in his 1978 book Return from Tomorrow. It was meeting Ritchie that first brought NDEs to Dr. Moody’s attention. As a twenty-year-old soldier, ostensibly dead from fever, Ritchie had an astonishing vision of the afterlife that changed his life forever. Another physician, Dr. Eben Alexander, is a neurosurgeon who went to medical school at Duke University and spent fifteen years at Harvard-affiliated hospitals. He developed an anomaly in his own brain that was so rare and so destructive his recovery from a coma was deemed hopeless. As he relates in his 2012 book Proof of Heaven, he had a profound near-death experience that transformed his attitude toward medicine and healing.

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Storyteller and dreamer. I write about the English language, being human, the magic of life, and metaphysics.

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