My Friend in Ukraine Was Living an Ordinary Life, and Now She Is Not

When will war become obsolete? When?

Regina Clarke
3 min readFeb 25, 2022


Wedding in Ukraine, and war

My friend in Ukraine looks not unlike the young woman in this photo, who has just been married in a Ukrainian wedding. Two years ago my friend was married in that country in a beautiful ancient palace. Now she has a daughter. And now she has had to escape with her baby daughter from the Russian invasion, leaving everything behind — escape from a place where she has lived so long.

Her life changed overnight. On the spin of dime. Born into freedom in Ukraine, and now forced to watch that freedom be taken away. For no reason. Unless you consider the exercise of power through war by a foreign entity a legitimate reason to destroy the continuity and peace of people who have done nothing wrong.

She lived four hours outside of Kyiv. She has gone now into the deep countryside, but Russian tanks are headed there, for all the territory leading to the capitol is being overrun.

In Ukraine until two days ago the day-to-day life for people was much like our own. Commute to work. Take holidays in the mountains. Walk in parks filled with flowers and green expanses. I was constantly struck by what I learned of the positive spirit of the people, and the overall feeling of contentment and graciousness they expressed.

Lugansk region— Oleksandr Shcherbak
LVIV — Darya Tryfanava
Countryside near LVIV — Ivan Rohovchenko
KYIV capitol — Eugene
KYIV capitol — Zephyrka

It is likely Internet communication is disrupted, for I have had no message from my friend for 36 hours.

We met years ago when she was the editor of a magazine I wrote some articles for, and we shared a love of words and writing.

Prayers to her, and to Ukraine.

Regina Clarke is a writer of mystery, fantasy, and science fiction.

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