I agree our dependency on supplements is a problem and that they are often ineffective. However, when you say to go for real food, well, that is not an easy task unless I have my own back garden. Pesticides are used with extremely deleterious effect on many of the fruits and vegetables available for us to buy We have the dangers of GMO experimentation. We also have incredibly depleted soil in industry farming, so that elemental nutrients are no longer part of the growing produce. Chemical pesticides contribute to the depletion of a naturally occurring boron, which sustains bone growth. Letting go of supplements and turning to “real” food does not necessarily help us in any way, especially in the USA, where farming is largely not regulated for toxicity. The one option we do have is local farming and farmer’s markets, where we can ask about soil, pesticides used, and often taste produce that is significantly better indeed than the industry farms which in many ways are as “processed” as supplements. Oh, there is also Permaculture Farming, a remarkably effective way of farming that saves not only land and resources but yields far greater quantities of food than industry farming. (But of course, Congress, with its usual focus on profit, subsidizes only industry farming.)

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