You Are What You Have Been Looking For

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Not only will no good come of it, no advantage or progress forward, but more to the point, comparing yourself with others is a sign you have given away your personal power.

What Exactly Does That Mean?

When you meet other people or spend time with them, you may express your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas — or you may not. How do you know if that is a matter of personal choice and preference, or if you are giving up your true identity, where your power lives? You are relinquishing personal power if you:

  • Take actions to satisfy someone else’s agenda at the expense of doing what matters to you.
  • Pretend to enjoy someone’s company to fit in.
  • Fail to describe your own creative works so as not to be seen as standing out or too enthusiastic.
  • Doubt your right to exist, in some deep way, believing you have not earned or proven your worth.
  • Let someone else speak for you.
  • Stay stuck in one place to stay safe, even when it means you are giving up what you love.

So What’s Going On?

You can forget it’s there, or you don’t remember that you are meant to become aware of that energy within you and its inherent power to show you your true path — to show you in your mind, in your spirit, in your heart, that YOU ARE LIGHT, always light.

The Passion That Belongs to You

A single idea can change the world — we know so many examples: the electric light bulb, the printing press, the telephone, the Internet. Those ideas came from individuals who let their passion through, who went with the flow of energy they got by doing what mattered most to them. This same passion drives people in performance, in the arts, in every field conceivable. Each time, it is one person choosing to follow their heart, to allow the creative personal power that is their birthright — AS IT IS YOURS.

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Storyteller and dreamer. I write about the English language, being human, the magic of life, and metaphysics.

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