Hi James Taylor —

Thank you for your thoughtful response. I have just opened the Medium site and saw it — I think you entered that response just this morning.

I’ve re-read the article in light of your comments, but not sure why you think I am talking about all women. I focused the article on the women cheering Trump at a rally, and throughout the article refer to “some” women, not all. I also indicated that I believe things are changing — more for some women than others just yet, but that such change is afoot in the realm of awareness for women and their sense of self-worth and personal integrity. To me — and for sure this is my bias — women who laugh at a joke about another woman suffering through an assault are not exactly on my wavelength. But again, the article focuses on the women who obviously applaud Trump as he jokes at the rally about Christine Blasey Ford. I wanted to explore why. Still, no way do I have the whole answer. For sure I have asked women who support the president even as he demeans women. They always ignore the question. It’s not a conversation ice-breaker. But as you can see from the women who responded to the article, many, many women are very interested in challenging the presidents’ behavior and those who agree with him. I could also have written about the white males who laughed, but I have not the foggiest idea exactly why white males do anything — not my purview given my gender… :-)

But I thank you for caring enough to respond. I agree completely that any effort we make to include all people in any assumption we make about behavior just does not hold water. We are individuals and driven by so many hidden things. But when we take action in a public venue, visible for all to see — as those women in the photo did — then we do open ourselves up for review.

Storyteller and dreamer. I write about the English language, being human, the magic of life, and metaphysics. www.regina-clarke.com

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