Do You Have to Know Exactly What That Story You’re Writing Is About?

How to know what your story is about.
How to know what your story is about.
What story does this image conjure in you?

Do Famous Writers Always Know What They’re Doing?

In a master class he was giving, Rod Serling was asked if he outlined his stories or just guessed at how they’d turn out. He said he liked to immerse himself in the story and just go for it. Another student asked if he ever got stuck, and he said, reluctantly, that in fact a story he was working on was stalled because he had no idea how it was supposed to end. But he still felt immersion was the best way to go. (And he did finish the story, eventually.)

What About You?

Find interviews with your favorite authors and you will find variations on the theme of outlining versus immersion all the time.

What Else?

Knowing how a story will turn out from the beginning or discovering the story as you go along can both bring you creative satisfaction.

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Storyteller and dreamer. I write about the English language, being human, the magic of life, and metaphysics.

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