Children Perceive the World in the Theta Frequency

It is the source of their joy

Regina Clarke


Our children need to know how much they matter and how to believe in themselves…
Katrina Wright

In his book The Biology of Belief, cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton describes how in the first six years of life, children perceive their world in the theta frequency. After that they move to the beta frequency, which is our normal day-to-day operating procedure, far faster and less open to change and creativity.

Theta is that period of time when we dream and imagine and immerse ourselves in spontaneity and laughter. It is free of limitations and conditions. Everything is open and receiving. The child’s natural perception in this frequency is one of joy and excitement. It is why they run everywhere in exuberance.

We absorb tremendous amounts of information in the theta frequency. The early childhood years require the absorption of billions of details to learn how to function in the physical and emotional worlds. We never again learn as much as we do in those first years. We are effectively storing more information than the largest supercomputer.

It is also a period of time, those first six years, in which we also believe everything we are told is true. We accept what our parents say and do as absolute truth, and also assume the behavior of others is truth. There is no discrimination of facts or ideas in theta.

For this reason, how we treat little ones impacts their entire lives. If they learn love, then that is what they also learn as truth. If they hear words that do not value them, they assume those opinions are true. They do not realize that what parents and other people do and especially what they say can be limited in its wisdom. Many people struggle with issues all their lives that began in this early time.

We need to give them faith in themselves from the day they take their first breath.

What matters most is that we cherish the little ones and acknowledge we are entrusted with their care. We do not own them — we are given the privilege of knowing them by God’s grace,for they are a soul to meet whose only purpose is to feel joy in existence.

Our responsibility as adults is to give the freedom to feel joy to all children, everywhere, not to take it away.



Regina Clarke

Storyteller and dreamer. I write about the English language, being human, the magic of life, and metaphysics. Ph.D. in English Literature.