Anchoring Yourself in Troubled Times

Honor what makes you unique

Regina Clarke
3 min readMar 13, 2022


Being true to yourself in troubled times
Gonz DDL

In a time of war, even if it is not happening where we are, it is difficult for many of us to attend to our own work, especially to our creative self. Yet that is exactly what we must do most of all, for it is in the expression of our unique being that we find not only solace, but answers.

How do you find a way to let go of things that hinder or shroud your inner well-being? How do you stay balanced and in alignment with who you are?

When war is being brought home to you, how do you separate yourself from what is going on in the world and return to the work at hand that brings you joy? How do you forget the broadcasts, the overwhelming suffering, the inaction of international leaders, your own investment in the outcome?

You do not ignore anything happening around you, for we are indeed all connected and everything in us and about us is shared by the whole of humanity, by the creatures of the earth, by the earth itself. You do not ignore any of it. You are not meant to forget this. We are meant to be guardians of it all. We are meant to hold all life and life experience in reverence.

What you must do, though, and often, is remember your birthright. You came here into this lifetime to let your light shine. No one else can do this in the absolute, unique way of you. You are the one and only expression of your own inner connection with the Divine Presence. Let this expression of who you are emerge now and so reveal the light you have to give out into the world.

You do not need a special stage for this. The smallest event is as vital and grand as the larger. There is no limit to you.

Your very existence makes the earth listen and sing out the vitality of your life force.

Seek Balance

When an event or situation brings chaos into the world in any form, it also brings chaos into our mind and heart. We can feel disconnected, untethered, adrift. When sadness or fear is added, these reactions intensify.

What we need, then, is balance. We need to feel anchored in place.

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